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What is Xcel?

Xcel is a newer, fun, and different program created by USA Gymnastics to offer an alternative and affordable competitive experience outside the traditional Junior Olympic Program.

Advantages to joining All 4’s Xcel Team

Gymnasts get to have fun competing sooner.

Gymnasts get to have fun competing with the Xcel program as soon as they join an Xcel team. The Bronze level is where most new gymnasts enter, unless they have had previous experience. Learning routines and competing at this entry level allows gymnasts to attain goals, establish lasting friendships with teammates, and build confidence that helps them everywhere in life.

Gymnasts compete individual, personalized routines.

Athletes compete routines that are customized to their age, strengths, taste and personality. This makes is more fun and allows them to express themselves.

The Xcel Program can be less of a time commitment.

Gymnasts can spend less time in the gym but still be able to learn skills that allow them to compete. Also, they receive top notch coaching and learn to be efficient during training sessions. Since it is less of a time commitment, they also have time to do other activities outside of gymnastics, as long as it doesn’t interfere with training times and competitions.

Most important characteristics that we are looking for when it comes to kids wishing to compete in our Xcel program:

The ability to attentively listen to coaches and accept/attempt feedback.

The ability to show kindness and respect to other kids in the group and coaching staff.

Passion, motivation, and mental toughness.

All 4 is a small program working to create a welcoming, character driven environment where families feel connected and athletes are active, learn new skills, and gain confidence that transfers beyond the gym.